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Choosing to complete a personal bankruptcy filing can be a very difficult choice, but can end up leading to a second financial chance. This legal proceeding relieves a person of certain types of personal debt; including credit cards, personal loans, or medical bills, while allowing them to retain certain assets, such as their home or vehicle. Each state has its own exempt property laws (or they can choose to use the Federal exemptions) but otherwise, Bankruptcy is governed by Federal law. When considering personal bankruptcy filing, EZ Legal Docs helps our customers from becoming confused or overwhelmed by the steps and the documentation required for completing the bankruptcy process.

If you aren’t sure if you’re eligible for a Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy filing, certain EZ Legal Docs locations can have you complete a free eligibility questionnaire (also known as the means test). If you qualify, EZ Legal Docs can act as your Bankruptcy Petition Preparer, which is a person or entity that is not a lawyer, who helps you complete the forms to court standards and file them properly. EZ Legal Docs can also provide you with information and resources about personal bankruptcy filing, but cannot offer you legal advice. Technically, a Bankruptcy Petition Preparer is also considered to be a Debt Relief Agency.

Some people believe that a lawyer is required to complete a personal bankruptcy filing, which is not the case. If you cannot afford or do not want an attorney, you can file ‘pro se,’ which means without legal representation. EZ Legal Docs is often called upon by consumers for information and assistance with paperwork during pro se filings. If you have questions about the process, the timing, what types of assets or debts are included or excluded in your particular state, EZ Legal Docs can help.

Find your nearest location today and contact us to make an appointment, and come in to discuss your personal situation. There is no shame or embarrassment in completing a personal bankruptcy filing, but there is great potential in getting a fresh start. End the collection calls and the piles of bills that arrive each day. Let EZ Legal Docs help you get back on your feet.

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